What Our Alumnae are Saying

"The Health Careers Program was the highlight of my high school journey.  It definitely gave me a head start in my marathon to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon.  As a young woman of color, not only did the HCP provide immense knowledge and beneficial experiences, it also instilled the confidence I needed as a Black woman to walk into lecture halls filled with 400 students with my head held high." -IMANI M. RED TIE '19

College Matriculation for Health-Related Majors Over the Most Recent Three Years

Cal State Fullerton, Nursing (Red Tie ’19)

Cal State LA, Biology (3 Green Ties ’21)

Cal State Northridge, Public Health (Blue Tie ’20)

Cal State Northridge, Child Development (Green Tie ’21)

Cerritos College, Nursing (Red Tie ’19)

Cypress College, Mortuary Science (Blue Tie ’20)

Dillard University, Biology/Pre-Medicine (Red Tie ’19)

Grand Canyon University, Nursing (Red Tie ’19, 3 Blue Ties ’20)

Grand Canyon University, Forensic Science (Blue Tie ’20, Green Tie ’21)

Langston University, Psychology (Green Tie ’21)

LMU, Biology (Red Tie ’19)

Long Beach State University, Pre-Nursing (Blue Tie ’20)

Mount St. Mary’s University, Biology (Green Tie ’21)

Mount St. Mary’s University, Nursing (3 Green Ties ’21)

New York University, Biology/Pre-Medicine (Red Tie ’19)

Prairie View A & M University, Kinesiology (Green Tie ’21)

UCLA, Human Biology (3 Red Ties ’19)

UCLA, Psychology (Red Tie ’19)

UCLA, Biology (Blue Tie ’20)

UCLA, Neuroscience (Blue Tie ’20)

UC San Diego, Human Biology (Green Tie ’21)

United States Army, Biology (Blue Tie ’20)

University of Chicago, Psychology (Green Tie ’21)

University of the Pacific, Sociology (Green Tie ’21)

University of San Francisco, Psychology (Red Tie ’19)

USC, Biological Sciences (Green Tie ’21)

San Francisco State University, Biology (Blue Tie ’20)

San Jose State University, Psychology (Red Tie ’19)

St. John’s University, Biology (Red Tie ’19)

Texas Christian University, Biology (Blue Tie ’20)

Vanguard University, Nursing (Green Tie ’21)

Xavier University – Louisiana, Nursing & Biochemistry (Red Tie ’19)

Xavier University – Louisiana, Biology Pre-Medicine (Blue Tie ’20)