Sophomore Year

Sophomore Showcase: The Sophomore Class is responsible for hosting a showcase that involves the talents and contributions of every member of the Sophomore Class. This showcase is often a combination of talent show and play, involving a theme, script, performers, stage crew, and hosts. The Sophomore Class collectively decides on a theme, goes through audition processes, and decides how the production will go. The entire school and students’ families are invited to the showcase, which takes place during the school day at the start of Second Semester.

Green Tie Sophomore Show
Gold Tie Sophomore Show
Graduation Arch-Bearers: Another tradition dating back to the Slauson and Crenshaw campus is the presence of members of the Sophomore Class at the Senior graduation ceremony. Sophomores create arches covered in the flowers of the color of the graduating senior class. The Sophomores proudly hold these arches high as Seniors walk through them during their graduation processions.
arch bearers during graduation
arch bearers during graduation