Senior Year

Senior Tie Returning Ceremony: In May, we host the Senior Tie Returning Ceremony. This event begins with a  Seniors going on a celebratory walk through the halls as the rest of the student body cheers them on. In the gym, representatives from the other classes present the Senior class with gifts, such as poems or trinkets, that uniquely honor their bond and time at SMA. Selected faculty, staff, and alumni give brief messages of congratulations to the Senior class. Members of the SMA Development and Alumni Department give Seniors their first SMA Mug and copy of the Echo to welcome them into the official Alumni community. Lastly, each is Senior called up to symbolically “return” their tie to SMA, in preparation to leave SMA and embark on the next part of their educational journey. For the remainder of the school year the Seniors may choose to wear their tie or not as part of their uniform. The Senior Tie Returning Ceremony is a beautiful celebration of the legacy and bonds of sisterhood at SMA.

Green Tie Returning Ceremony
red ties
last senior walk through hallway